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Main Screen (click to enlarge)

Main Window Screen Shot

The top track (Video) contains a movie of a shuttle launch. The next track (Audio) contains control tower audio associated with the movie. Keeping the audio and video separate gives much more flexibility when editing. The Captions track contains the text caption "Discovery Launch", which can be seen in yellow in the video window. The Logo track contains the MULTIQUENCE logo, which appears slightly transparent in the top right corner of the video (similar to TV station logos). Video, captions and images can be faded in or out using the cyan graph/lines. The last track (Music) contains some additional background music. The waveform of the music is shown in green and red, representing the left and right channels of the stereo file.

General Features

  • Fast virtual editing with an unlimited number of tracks
  • Master volume, track volume, Mute and Solo controls
  • Editing commands, such as Undo, Copy, Mute, Trim, Split, Delete
  • Editing/playback Marker
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Section groups and multiple section selection and editing
  • Multiple levels of Undo
  • Audio effects, such as Flange, Equalizer
  • Fade and panning envelope graphs and Autofade command
  • DirectX Audio plug-in support
  • Video effect support
  • Support for digital audio, CD audio, MIDI, video, and images
  • Multiple recording sections
  • Full zooming for accurate positioning
  • Waveform and video display within sections
  • Context menus
  • Configurable playback rate
  • Save as audio command for mixing audio tracks into one Wave or MP3 file
  • Save as video command for mixing audio and video into one AVI, WMV, or MOV file
  • Changeable track height and track names
  • Project list window
  • Master Control window
  • Sound Recorder window
  • Video Recorder window
  • Tool bar configuration and more tool bar buttons

Sound Recorder

Recorder Window Image

The Sound Recorder window lets you record new audio, such as background music, vocals and instrument solos. It displays realtime recording levels and includes a Monitor feature to adjust levels without recording to a file first. Trim commands are provided to remove any leading or trailing silence in the final file. Several recording windows can be created to record from multiple sources simultaneously (if you have more than one sound card).

Video Effects

Video Effects Manager Image

Video effects can modify an image or transition from one image to another. The image above shows some of the video effect currently available.

Much More

The features above cover only part of the many capabilities of MULTIQUENCE. To find out more, please download and explore the demonstration version.

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