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Purchase Software

Before purchasing a license, please download and install the evaluation version of GoldWave or VideoMeld. You are welcome to evaluate the program over several days to ensure it performs the tasks you require. See the notes on the right for information about the license.

Secure Online Transaction

Online ordering is fast, easy, and secure. Transactions are performed through Stripe (for Canadian dollars) or through PayPal (for US dollars) and a PayPal account is not required. A license is e-mailed shortly after the transaction completes. All information you provide is kept confidential and used only to complete the transaction. Your privacy is respected and protected.

Important Notes

  • Browser cookies must be enabled for proper transaction processing.
  • Adjust spam filters or safe lists to accept e-mail from or Otherwise some E-mail Service Providers (such as AOL, RoadRunner & HotMail) may block or delete the license.
  • If you cannot use PayPal, you can switch to Canadian dollars to pay through Stripe.
Product Amount to C$ Purchase
GoldWave Audio Editor Lifetime License
GoldWave Audio Editor One Year License
CogitoSolutions (China) • KoreanSoft (Korea) • DEZ (Korea) • Aquion (Australia)
VideoMeld Lifetime License
VideoMeld One Year License
For larger quantities and educational discounts, please contact GoldWave Inc.
All programs are sold separately and require separate licenses.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Mail Order

If you prefer to order by mail, the following payment options and currencies are accepted. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to receive the license.
  • Cheque: US$, CAD$ or UK£ Sterling. Cheques drawn on U.S., Canadian, and U.K. banks are welcome.
  • Money Order: US$ or CAD$ (US$ money orders must be international and not marked "Negotiable only in the U.S.")
  • International Postal Money Order: CAD$ (Available at a post office)
  • International Bank Draft: CAD$
  • Corporate Purchase Order: US$, CAD$, or UK£ Sterling accepted by mail or fax (e-mailed orders are not accepted). A minimum of 10 licenses must be purchased. Please provide an e-mail address on the order.
  • Sorry, credit card information is not accepted by mail

Mail Order Form

Note: Whenever possible, licenses are sent by e-mail for fastest delivery. Whether you register online or by regular mail, please make sure your e-mail address is correct. If you are filling in the order form by hand, please write the e-mail address as neatly as possible and avoid any confusion between such letters as l (el), 1 (one), I (eye), and O (oh), 0 (zero), etc.

To estimate how much GoldWave will cost in your local currency, you can find exchange rates on the Currency Converter.

GoldWave License*

The license unlocks and activates the evaluation version and future versions of GoldWave, so upgrades are free for the duration of the license! All you need to do is to download new versions from the website as they become available.

A One Year license expires a year after the date of purchase, then a new license has to be purchased to continue using the software.

A Lifetime license never expires.

A One Year license cannot be replaced with a Lifetime license at a discount. Choose the Lifetime license for long term use.

VideoMeld License*

The license unlocks and activates the latest evaluation version of VideoMeld and removes the video watermark. All upgrades are free for the duration of the license.

One, Three, and Five Year licenses expire after the respective peroid after the purchase date, then a new license has to be purchased to continue using the software. These licenses cannot be exchanged for a different period at a discount.

Lost License?

Please keep your license information in a safe place for future reference. You will need that information to unlock the software if you upgrade your system, reinstall Windows, etc. Be sure to backup or print your license and store it in a secure location.

If you lost your GoldWave license, you can use this form to receive a copy of your existing license.

If you lost your VideoMeld license, you must purchase a new license. Licenses will not be replaced.

For your protection GoldWave Inc. will not release license information unless sufficient proof-of-purchase can be provided.

*Licenses must remain confidential and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or resold without explicit permission. GoldWave Inc. reserves the right to disable a license that becomes public.

Licenses are not tied to a specific computer and do not require Internet access for activation.

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